ANALISIS-DSC, we are the exclussive distributors in Spain and Portugal for CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) software. The computer aided engineering or CAE is a group of informatic programs, which makes possible to analyze and simulate the engineering designs or designs obtained by another way and incorporated to a computer using the computers as a tool, to evaluate the characteristics, properties, feasibility and profitability. The goal is to optimize the design and also the production costs and to reduce the number of tests to obtain the desired product.

At the CAE modelization process we can distinguish the following steps:

process followed in modelizations by ANALISIS-DSC

The program we distribute is:

  • Ensight is a program to visualize and postprocess data. It lets You analyze and visualize the results of any CAE software, this means CFD,  FEA, Crash, CAD, etc. There are several versions of the program with different options or capacities  to be adjusted to the user´s needs. The three dimensional visualization, virtual reality, it is accesible using Ensight Gold, which is the superior version of the program.