At the beginning ANALISIS-DSC was created with the idea of being a CAE software distribution company for Spain and Portugal. To be more specific, the CFX fluid mechanics program and auxiliary softwares (mesher and visualizator). We used to organize training courses and assist to different fairs. Nowadays, we just distribute the software called Ensight (postprocessing software).

As times goes by we decide to start to offer engineering services for the development of fluid mechanics (CFD: Computational Fluid Dynamics) projects, our personnel increased and they have wide international experience.  Added to the high quality results of our technical department, we can not forget the big effort of our sales department. The consequence of all these things is that we became the reference company in this sector.

Again our services widen and we offer consultancy and engineering services for thermal, finite elements engineering, etc., offering high quality solutions to our clients. Some companies subcontract us for the development of their long term R&D activity, we are now their technological partner.

We have broaden our area of influence and we offer our services internationally, we also offer the possibility to become Your technological partner at the development of R&D projects.

In the future we would like to become the reference company in each of the business lines, where we are present.

ANALISIS-DSC services to optimize wind-millsANALISIS-DSC services are applicated to improve planes designANALISIS-DSC services can improve Your plant efficiencyANALISIS-DSC services can improve the train design and the ventilation/climatization installations in emergency situations