ANALISIS-DSC is a mechanical engineering service and consultancy company, specialized in fluid, structural and thermal solutions.

We want to offer solution to all Your engineering problems, offering a high quality services. Most of our customers are satisfied with our solutions, and come back with additional problems.

The other business area is the CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) software distribution. These tools help You with the analysis and design of Your products, as we use it internally for our own projects.

ANALISIS-DSC engineering services optimize industrial plants
ANALISIS-DSC can improve ship designs
ANALISIS-DSC engineering services for the hydraulic sector
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ANALISIS-DSC particle discrete services for the mining sector
ANALISIS-DSC engineering services can improve products designs, where a fluid intervenes
ANALISIS-DSC can optimize oil plants design
ANALISIS-DSC services improve the design of solar thermal collectors
ANALISIS-DSC engineering services in the optimization of fans design
ANALISIS-DSC can optimize water treatment plants
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